3 Self-Help Strategies For Overcoming Bulimia

Eating disorders have the potential to wreak havoc on not only your self-esteem but on your overall health as well. Overcoming an eating disorder takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. In addition to seeking therapy and the help of a nutritionist in fighting your battle against bulimia, it can be beneficial to learn some self-help strategies that you can utilize to master your eating disorder.

Here are three self-help strategies to rely on as you work through your bulimia treatment

1. Engage in art therapy.

For many people, eating disorders are closely tied to emotions. While you may be able to keep your eating disorder in check most of the time, certain emotions can trigger your desire to engage in unhealthy binge and purge behaviors. Learning to express your emotions in a healthy way can help you more successfully manage your bulimia.

Art therapy provides you with the opportunity to use paint, sculpture, and other artistic mediums as a way of expressing your emotions. Art therapy can be a useful self-help tool in allowing you to learn how to identify, process, and express your negative emotions in a constructive way.

2. Play with a pet.

The internal voices that are associated with an eating disorder can feed you messages that cause you to believe you are unloved and unworthy of positive attention. Seeking reassurance and validation from friends or family members can be intimidating, and you may find yourself giving into these negative messages and engaging in unhealthy binge and purge behaviors.

Taking the time to play with a pet can help you gain access to unconditional love and acceptance. Taking advantage of the calming presence of a pet when you feel like giving in to your bulimia can be a great self-help strategy to help you keep your eating disorder in check.

3. Engage in acts of service.

When the urge to give in to your eating disorder strikes, it can be helpful to redirect your attention toward others until the desire to binge and purge has passed. Many people find that engaging in acts of service can be a great self-help strategy when it comes to managing bulimia.

Not only will you be able to utilize service as a distraction from your urges, you will be able to foster feelings of self-appreciation and pride when serving others that can help you overcome your eating disorder over time.

Using self-help strategies to overcome your bulimia is essential when it comes to managing your eating disorder more effectively in the future.

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